Monday, September 22, 2008

Somebody has to go to jail

Gawd! You could see the train coming for a mile or more and you knew there'd be a wreck. Wall Street and its republican commandos have been on a global-scale criminal spree for years. The greed and the filth got so bad it actually got away from them to the point it's about to foul their whole nest and take what little there is of yours and mine along with it.

Somebody has to go to jail. Lots of somebodies. Fines, huge fines, need to be levied. New taxes on excess, fat new taxes on excess, must be enacted. And, a vigorous new police force must be fielded to billy club any bastard getting out of line from now on.

The republican regime existed for the sole purpose of comforting and protecting and aiding the most glided, vulgar, and insane class of hyper wealthy on the planet. The sickness of this excess is so bad, so purposeful that GWB can be thrown away like the dirty laundry he is. Why? He's delivered the billions and now his job is done.

Okay, so in the last few weeks he can throw a few more billion to his billionaire buddies before he goes out the door. Still: Mission Accomplished.

Jail time. Big time jail time. Now.