Friday, September 30, 2005

Troubling it is

Never one to revel in the disgrace of a public figure, I took the whole business with Tom DeLay (R-TX) this week with some mixed feelings. It's good to put the crooks on notice and hopefully in jail but it's really sad a powerful public figure gets to this spot.

That's my natural moderate side speaking. Basically, the guy is rotten to the core and finally lost track of all the fixes he put in. There's the senate majority leader, too, up to his eyeballs in some stock sale insider trade scandal.

It doesn't get any better than this. Public servants? They have chain gangs in Texas don't they? Let him serve the public there.

I think the whole sad state of affairs is deliberate. Republicans are so rotten, that actually getting caught in your rotten-ness is a badge on honor. For years now, people will whisper about how they got set up by a bunch of godless, baby-killing faggots and that the country is clearly going to hell for it.

The whole thing becomes a self-fulfilled prophecy. Government is bad, see. See? It's bad, it's so bad that we'll cut it and curb it and control it and you know, you shouldn't worry about it much 'cause we're the republicans and we're going to give your money back 'cause government is so awful that we can't have taxes. Forget about public schools, they're rotten government-run so get 'em off our backs. Get rid of that stinking social security thing because it's a tax and a government program and government is rotten, see. See?

Oh, don't you worry. Watch TV, go to church, work at minimum wage, have some kids. Yeah, teach 'em at home 'cause we don't want no stinking public school taking our precious tax money. It'll be okay. Say your kid is sick? No problem, man. Just pull your sorry ass up by the boot straps. You're tough, you're proud, you're American damn it and no governments needs to be wiping your nose for you. Sick kid? Buy some drugs, man. Over the counter shit, it'll work 'cause we removed that stinking bad government regulation stuff on medicine.

What, you sorry bastard, no money for medicine 'cause your job is shit and you're late on the rent? What kind of wuss are you? Quit bitching, man and sell your blood. Everything is good now 'cause we took care of that stinking government thing and you know it 'cause that's what I'm saying and you have to believe it.

What? You don't believe it? Man, in the act of ending rotten government we passed some laws for dealing with stupid whiners like you, see. See? You gotta be a terrorist saying you don't believe what we say. So we got laws for you, man. You'll be hearing from the law about those things your saying, man. You're headed to jail.

We got the best damn jails in the world now that we got the things away from that stinking rotten government. Private-paid cops and jails, man. They ain't gonna worry about your sorry whining, see. See? Straight to jail, man 'cause we passed some laws, see. See? No judges, either. Just swift ass justice according to the laws we passed. Right on into the private jail.

You'll be sorry for complaining and lying about us. That private jail ain't worryin' about criminal rights, man. And you're a terrorist to boot 'cause you said you don't believe. Oh yeah, that jail is gonna reform you with a cattle prod. We passed some laws, man. No government needed for terrorist criminals like you daring to disagree with us.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

All Around Numbness

My relative in Florida comments there's a certain numbness setting in about hurricanes. That was his response when I mentioned they were lucky to have missed the Rita train.

I can see that. Everyone is getting a little worn down by the barrage. It's wearying and it's not just hurricanes. Many of us are busy trying to hold onto jobs and take care of kids and a lot more of us are now taking care of kids and parents. Then you add the extra stress of these huge events that are totally out of anyone's control.

And you keep adding them and keep adding them and at each new horror you wonder how it's all going to affect you and yours. After a while you begin to assimilate the barrage by just getting numb. Numb is a good word. Not really depression, certainly no longer excitement, not exactly indifference either.

Numb like you've been hit repeatedly until sensation fades. You know you're still taking the hit and you know you have to respond in some way but now there's an auto player on and you're just slugging along. It's a sad state.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Never say never

When I started this blog, I had no intention nor desire to write about presidential politics. Not that I didn't have my opinions. I just felt I'd be more comfortable sticking with issues more directly related to agriculture.

But Chimpy pisses me off. And he alarms me. He's not a man but a spoiled, cowardly, little boy bully. If he was my kid I'd slap him hard up side the head for his insolent, snotty attitude.

Then I'd turn him over to the cops for criminal prosecution. New Orleans is quickly going to become the same opportunity for the war profiteers as Iraq. The slop is headed into the troth and the swine will wallow in the swill of taxpayer money.

It's full-feed time folks. The slop hopper has busted open like a levee and the criminals are gorging. It's big time bragging gluttony. Unabashed. There's is nothing to stop it.

And the pathetic little boy/man will spin to the nation tonight in a pretend game. I can hear the kid's coaches: "That's all right Georgie, oh yes, I know it's so hard but it's all really just a little make believe. You can do it and we'll have milk and cookies afterward. Oooo! How about a little extra time on the trike? Yeah, that's a good little boy."

Sick little bastard. Heh, even if he did get turned into the cops for corruption, they'd have to prosecute Chimpy as a child.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Shallow man

I've never bought into the notion President Bush was dumb. There's something wrong with the man but it isn't stupidity. Something is missing but not the brain.

Am I the only one in the world offended by his behavior? Truthfully, I think he could have acted quicker or sooner in helping move rescue and relief operations. But on that alone I'd be willing to cut Bush a little slack.

It's the way he acts that causes me to worry. Why would a grown man in his position of authority have firemen flown in to have as a prop? How can a grown man in his position of authority say the things he says about "Brownie" and be eating cake and strumming guitars in the face of such a disaster?

How does he do it? And I haven't even brought up the lies. People just keep taking it and it goes on like nothing is the matter. I know 14 year old boys with far more maturity than President Bush.

He needs help from someone other than Karl Rove.

Friday, September 02, 2005

The Presidential Oath of Office

The oath to be taken by the president on first entering office is specified in Article II, Section 1, of the Constitution:

"I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States."

That's it.

Worse & worse

The situation in New Orleans is so beyond belief. I've been in the city a few times and don't pretend to understand the lay of the land very well. But I've been watching reporting from the Convention Center and just can't believe it.

Water drops are finally getting there now? Or are they? A convention center seems like a natural place for people to move toward. So why aren't there concerted efforts by officials to be there in force to help people and start moving them to safer places? Day after day, I've watched this obvious point with increasing concern.

And what of the hospitals? In any catastrophe shouldn't hospitals get secured immediately? I know the Coast Guard had to be stunned by the scale of the mess they flew into but shouldn't someone have directed them to the hospitals to provide security and as evacuation points?

What the hell. Hospitals. Hospitals are another logical place for people to go seeking help and so is it obvious only to me that the early, first response is to secure hospitals?

You're not going to evacuate the population of a major city by helicopter anyway. Even big ones only hold a few people at a time.

Agghhhhhaaa. Just nuts.