Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A McCain robo call

Finally, what? Six days before the election? Finally I get a McSame robo call! I've been hearing so much about them I was getting jealous. I told every one in the house that if we got one to leave it on the recorder so I could hear it.

These calls are famous and are going to go down in history as some of the worst slime used in a presidential campaign. And I was missing out.

Okay, so the call that I picked up was from the state republican party and not approved by McSame but at least they got around to my number. Unfortunately, I answered the call and didn't get it captured on tape.

But they told me how the dems are going to take away my guns and how I'd loose my rights and oh yeah, I'm going to be taxed to death.

And for a bonus, a few minutes later the phone rings again and it's another call from McSame! This time it's a real person who wants to talk to my spouse.

That was a short conversation!

Six days to go.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

bailout bummer

Congress went ahead and approved a $700 billion (or so) bailout of the financial industry. There is no doubt in my mind that something had to get done but I question what did get done. Nowhere in the discussion was there any mention of actually addressing the basic issues underlying the whole mess.

What ever happens, until the people of this nation are willing to face up to the fact that greed is not self-regulating we'll keep repeating this same grim pattern.