Monday, June 16, 2008

Breathless summer

The next president gets the wreck the current goon caused: A hot war in the middle of a powder keg, an economy teetering at the maw of a major crash, and an environmental catastrophe like humankind has never seen.

Granted, not everything was caused by the goon; the environment has been in a steady burn for a long time. But nothing has even been tried to stop or slow the change and for the most part the problem has accelerated.

Corn futures today crossed the $8\bushel threshold and oil went close enough to $140/brl to just say it did. Still, the cake-eating continues.

I think we'll head to the polls in November a very angry nation. Maybe that means a change, maybe not. Anger and fear are hard to predict. But if there is any way to goon this democracy up I think we'll see it.


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