Friday, June 04, 2010

Ms. Jersey

Ms. Jersey, originally uploaded by NetAgra.
Curious history. Snapped this shot while visiting an agricultural
experiment station. Ms. Jersey is a research animal. She is not a pet,
or for that matter a member of a commercial dairy herd. But she is,
along with her herd-mates, one of the best cared for animals in the
world. It's a portrait of a working dairy animal. One of my photofans has
commented that, in a set of related photos, the cows don't look so good.
I've asked in a reply why the commenter feels that way. Right now, I'm
guessing that most people see animals as pets and a picture of a working
dairy cow in a work setting is foreign. Ms. Jersey was eating vigorously
before she looked up at me and the camera.

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