Tuesday, May 10, 2005

left right and down the middle

About the time I sit down at the key board to say all the things I mean to say, my mind goes blank. Initially, I was going to go on about how hard it is to vote for Republicans. But then I realized it's almost as hard to vote for Democrats.

Both parties right now are driven by extremes.

The more one party characterizes the other, the more that party does to live up to the characterization. Republicans are corrupt, war-mongering, greedy, big government deficit spenders while Democrats are painted as godless baby-killing faggots.

The second you think that's nuts, something comes along and makes it all seem true, say a grueling war or absurd fights over church and state issues. All of this is muddled by media impressions. There isn't so much a thing as facts as impressions. Media can get the facts right sometimes and still create a false impression.

Politicians are quick to exploit impressions. Media manipulation is big industry and high art. Whatever, it all gets carried into the crevasses as people imitate what they see as conventional wisdom. You may wonder why things are a little out of focus around the local school board or village council.

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