Friday, May 06, 2005

yapping for attention

As much as internet communications promise to bring people together, people defy the promise. There are several blogs I routinely read, mostly liberal, and I take a spin though the conservative blogs, too.

Then I quit because I get discouraged. Reluctantly, I return in a few days to affirm nothing much has changed. If this is a conversation then I must understand the language of barking canines.

So much is flat nonsense. It's a text-based flea market. One gets attention by barking loudly which sets off a louder chain of barking and howling. Sometimes I want to kick a noisy dog right into the basement where it can't be heard or set off any more howling in the neighborhood.

That's the discouraging side. That is, discovering in my own character the urge to shut someone up. I used to think it was better to have people's ideas and opinions right out in the open where we could all have a look. Now that I'm able to view so much, I guess I'm surprised at how daft it all becomes.

Which is the point in the first place.

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