Thursday, January 05, 2006

Fear not

Think your kid might make it through high school and go on to something else? Something nice? Fruitful, successful, happy even? Maybe you'd like to see them graduate and go on to college? That'd be nice, right?

If you listen to GWB and his minions you can forget about any expectations you might have for your kids. Or, Lord forbid, you have some aspirations of your own. Take your dreams, hopes, wishes and flush 'em down the crapper.

If you're listening to GWB you know we're all toast. You know there's a terrorist with a nuclear-tipped RPG behind every tree and shrub aiming the bitch right through your front window. He's sneering and using the plasma screen TV to sight his weapon and when he squeezes that round off your whole suburb is going up in a mushroom cloud.

Bullshit. Bush is a piss-ant coached by fiends. Every time he opens his twitchy little yap it's to tell you there's a WMD hanging over your house and he's going to do everything he can to protect you. He'll bust every law that gets in the way of saving your mortal soul.

Did I mention while he's at it he's going to make sure the minions are transferring wealth out of your pocket sending it upward to further comfort the comfortable? A narrow band of the population has to get fat 'cause it's such a HUGE sacrifice and responsibility helping you hang onto your life and its associated consumer goods.

What a horrible joke. Since when were we afraid of standing up to threats? I grew up with the threat of nuclear bombs dropping out of the sky at any moment. The national response to that was an actual plan that we stuck with and adapted as the situation changed. At times it was messy and at times it was down right wrong and the situation was exploited more than once. Still, the whole approach got hammered out and pounded on and talked about by everyone.

Is it so much to ask for that now?

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