Friday, January 27, 2006

A hockey game

There are good and bad points to sports and it's the good ones that keep me coming back. Last night was a good point. With a win, the hometown high school hockey team would earn a conference title. A loss, well that would put the title into serious question and require a lot of outside intervention.

The game ended with a 4-1 loss. Disappointment.

But our guys scored the opening goal and held onto that baby into the third period. The fourth and final point was scored against an open net with eight seconds left.

In the end, the other team's speed just kept our guys in constant defense. The coach decided to forego risk-taking on offense to keep the faster team in front of our players.

It almost worked. Of course the trouble with such a plan is if the other team breaks through, it's hard to do anything to get back ahead. That's not critiquing. An aggressive offense against a faster team can blow up fast.

But it was a hell of a game to watch. It was well played and pretty clean for what could have been a nasty game. All the kids worked hard and kept working all the way through.

So the hometown guys need a little help in the conference to get a piece of the title. It's okay. They've notched way more wins than losses this season and the level of play is exceptional for what's a very young team.


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