Monday, January 16, 2006

Logo again

Okay, so the logo thing is feeling a little compulsive. It's okay, I keep telling myself 'cause it's a hobby and a challenge. But I find myself thinking about it too much.

In illustrator I used Verdana & Georgia added drop shadows, transparency, and fiddled with front/back alignment. Transparencies caused me to do it over a couple of times until I had a gif that laid over the page as if it had no background.

The edges still concern me. The drop shadow is supposed to be dark. There's still a white outline around the letters. And while it isn't bad looking really, it's not what I want.

So no doubt my compulsion will have to continue until I get it figured out. If someone drops by and knows all about graphics and cares to leave a suggestion in the comments, It'll further my hobby.

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