Sunday, September 25, 2005

All Around Numbness

My relative in Florida comments there's a certain numbness setting in about hurricanes. That was his response when I mentioned they were lucky to have missed the Rita train.

I can see that. Everyone is getting a little worn down by the barrage. It's wearying and it's not just hurricanes. Many of us are busy trying to hold onto jobs and take care of kids and a lot more of us are now taking care of kids and parents. Then you add the extra stress of these huge events that are totally out of anyone's control.

And you keep adding them and keep adding them and at each new horror you wonder how it's all going to affect you and yours. After a while you begin to assimilate the barrage by just getting numb. Numb is a good word. Not really depression, certainly no longer excitement, not exactly indifference either.

Numb like you've been hit repeatedly until sensation fades. You know you're still taking the hit and you know you have to respond in some way but now there's an auto player on and you're just slugging along. It's a sad state.

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