Friday, September 02, 2005

Worse & worse

The situation in New Orleans is so beyond belief. I've been in the city a few times and don't pretend to understand the lay of the land very well. But I've been watching reporting from the Convention Center and just can't believe it.

Water drops are finally getting there now? Or are they? A convention center seems like a natural place for people to move toward. So why aren't there concerted efforts by officials to be there in force to help people and start moving them to safer places? Day after day, I've watched this obvious point with increasing concern.

And what of the hospitals? In any catastrophe shouldn't hospitals get secured immediately? I know the Coast Guard had to be stunned by the scale of the mess they flew into but shouldn't someone have directed them to the hospitals to provide security and as evacuation points?

What the hell. Hospitals. Hospitals are another logical place for people to go seeking help and so is it obvious only to me that the early, first response is to secure hospitals?

You're not going to evacuate the population of a major city by helicopter anyway. Even big ones only hold a few people at a time.

Agghhhhhaaa. Just nuts.

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