Thursday, September 15, 2005

Never say never

When I started this blog, I had no intention nor desire to write about presidential politics. Not that I didn't have my opinions. I just felt I'd be more comfortable sticking with issues more directly related to agriculture.

But Chimpy pisses me off. And he alarms me. He's not a man but a spoiled, cowardly, little boy bully. If he was my kid I'd slap him hard up side the head for his insolent, snotty attitude.

Then I'd turn him over to the cops for criminal prosecution. New Orleans is quickly going to become the same opportunity for the war profiteers as Iraq. The slop is headed into the troth and the swine will wallow in the swill of taxpayer money.

It's full-feed time folks. The slop hopper has busted open like a levee and the criminals are gorging. It's big time bragging gluttony. Unabashed. There's is nothing to stop it.

And the pathetic little boy/man will spin to the nation tonight in a pretend game. I can hear the kid's coaches: "That's all right Georgie, oh yes, I know it's so hard but it's all really just a little make believe. You can do it and we'll have milk and cookies afterward. Oooo! How about a little extra time on the trike? Yeah, that's a good little boy."

Sick little bastard. Heh, even if he did get turned into the cops for corruption, they'd have to prosecute Chimpy as a child.

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