Friday, September 30, 2005

Troubling it is

Never one to revel in the disgrace of a public figure, I took the whole business with Tom DeLay (R-TX) this week with some mixed feelings. It's good to put the crooks on notice and hopefully in jail but it's really sad a powerful public figure gets to this spot.

That's my natural moderate side speaking. Basically, the guy is rotten to the core and finally lost track of all the fixes he put in. There's the senate majority leader, too, up to his eyeballs in some stock sale insider trade scandal.

It doesn't get any better than this. Public servants? They have chain gangs in Texas don't they? Let him serve the public there.

I think the whole sad state of affairs is deliberate. Republicans are so rotten, that actually getting caught in your rotten-ness is a badge on honor. For years now, people will whisper about how they got set up by a bunch of godless, baby-killing faggots and that the country is clearly going to hell for it.

The whole thing becomes a self-fulfilled prophecy. Government is bad, see. See? It's bad, it's so bad that we'll cut it and curb it and control it and you know, you shouldn't worry about it much 'cause we're the republicans and we're going to give your money back 'cause government is so awful that we can't have taxes. Forget about public schools, they're rotten government-run so get 'em off our backs. Get rid of that stinking social security thing because it's a tax and a government program and government is rotten, see. See?

Oh, don't you worry. Watch TV, go to church, work at minimum wage, have some kids. Yeah, teach 'em at home 'cause we don't want no stinking public school taking our precious tax money. It'll be okay. Say your kid is sick? No problem, man. Just pull your sorry ass up by the boot straps. You're tough, you're proud, you're American damn it and no governments needs to be wiping your nose for you. Sick kid? Buy some drugs, man. Over the counter shit, it'll work 'cause we removed that stinking bad government regulation stuff on medicine.

What, you sorry bastard, no money for medicine 'cause your job is shit and you're late on the rent? What kind of wuss are you? Quit bitching, man and sell your blood. Everything is good now 'cause we took care of that stinking government thing and you know it 'cause that's what I'm saying and you have to believe it.

What? You don't believe it? Man, in the act of ending rotten government we passed some laws for dealing with stupid whiners like you, see. See? You gotta be a terrorist saying you don't believe what we say. So we got laws for you, man. You'll be hearing from the law about those things your saying, man. You're headed to jail.

We got the best damn jails in the world now that we got the things away from that stinking rotten government. Private-paid cops and jails, man. They ain't gonna worry about your sorry whining, see. See? Straight to jail, man 'cause we passed some laws, see. See? No judges, either. Just swift ass justice according to the laws we passed. Right on into the private jail.

You'll be sorry for complaining and lying about us. That private jail ain't worryin' about criminal rights, man. And you're a terrorist to boot 'cause you said you don't believe. Oh yeah, that jail is gonna reform you with a cattle prod. We passed some laws, man. No government needed for terrorist criminals like you daring to disagree with us.

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