Thursday, September 08, 2005

Shallow man

I've never bought into the notion President Bush was dumb. There's something wrong with the man but it isn't stupidity. Something is missing but not the brain.

Am I the only one in the world offended by his behavior? Truthfully, I think he could have acted quicker or sooner in helping move rescue and relief operations. But on that alone I'd be willing to cut Bush a little slack.

It's the way he acts that causes me to worry. Why would a grown man in his position of authority have firemen flown in to have as a prop? How can a grown man in his position of authority say the things he says about "Brownie" and be eating cake and strumming guitars in the face of such a disaster?

How does he do it? And I haven't even brought up the lies. People just keep taking it and it goes on like nothing is the matter. I know 14 year old boys with far more maturity than President Bush.

He needs help from someone other than Karl Rove.

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